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Stolen Vehicle Assistance

onstar stolen vehicle slowdown

When you activate your factory-installed alarm, Theft Alarm Notification can automatically notify you if theft occurs. An OnStar Advisor can employ GPS technology to notify authorities with your vehicle’s location, use Stolen Vehicle Slowdown to remotely slow your vehicle (when authorities confirm conditions are safe), and activate Remote Ignition Block to prevent your vehicle from being restarted once turned off.

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A Theft Alarm Notification can inform you if your car alarm goes off. Once you report your stolen vehicle to OnStar, Advisors can utilize GPS technology to locate your vehicle, alert authorities and, in some cases, remotely slow down your vehicle so thieves won’t get far. With Remote Ignition Block,  OnStar can also remotely prevent a thief from restarting your vehicle. If your vehicle is stolen, Advisors work with local authorities so you won’t be left alone.

According to 2017 FBI statistics, a vehicle is stolen every 41 seconds in the United States and 42 percent of those stolen vehicles are never recovered. OnStar can help members recover their vehicle quickly and safely if their vehicle is stolen.

OnStar Stolen Vehicle Assistance includes:

Stolen Vehicle Slowdown

Stolen Vehicle Slowdown is an OnStar feature that helps authorities recover a vehicle reported as stolen by reducing its speed. Stolen Vehicle Slowdown typically requires that a vehicle be reported as stolen to the police.

After a member has filed a police report and once authorities have confirmed conditions are appropriate, an OnStar Advisor can send a signal to disable the stolen vehicle’s engine and gradually slow the vehicle to an idle speed to assist police in recovering the vehicle. This helps avoid dangerous situations by securing the vehicle more quickly, helping to keep our communities safer.

When you report a stolen car to both OnStar and the local authorities, GM uses GPS data to locate the vehicle. Once officers get a visual of the car, OnStar flashes the hazard lights and cuts power to the vehicle. The brakes and steering aren’t affected, relying on the idea that the confused thief will pull over, exit the car, and get their comeuppance.

Remote Ignition Block

Remote Ignition Block is an OnStar feature that prevents the engine of an automobile reported as stolen from starting. After a member has filed a police report, OnStar can send a remote signal that blocks the vehicle’s engine from being restarted once it’s turned off. The service is performed by OnStar sending the ignition block signal to the vehicle, which typically requires that a vehicle be reported as stolen to the police. Ignition Block does not shut down the engine of a vehicle. Instead, it prevents it from starting.

Theft Alarm Notification

Theft Alarm Notification is an OnStar feature that alerts vehicle owners when their car alarm sounds. Theft Alarm Notification delivers owners extra peace of mind every time they lock their vehicle’s doors.

If a member’s vehicle alarm sounds after the doors are locked (must be locked electronically), members can receive a notification by text message (SMS), email and/or phone call (based on the owner’s preference). After the owner reports their vehicle as stolen, they should contact OnStar for Stolen Vehicle Assistance.

Theft Alarm Notifications are sent only to the vehicle’s owner using contact information configured during the first OnStar call. OnStar does not notify police of a Theft Alarm Notification; that is up to the owner at his or her decision. The Theft Alarm Notification service may alert you to a theft in progress. As such:

  • Always use caution and good judgment.
  • Do not approach the vehicle unless you are certain the situation is safe.

Your vehicle’s electrical systems and your smartphone (or other device) must be operative and sending/receiving data via wireless services and GPS satellite signals for the Theft Alarm Notification service to function properly.

How to Use It

If your vehicle is stolen, alert authorities and file a police report. When you do so, let law enforcement know you have OnStar. An OnStar Advisor can use GPS technology to help law enforcement locate your vehicle. If your vehicle is stationary, OnStar can tell police where to find it and send a Remote Ignition Block signal to keep the engine from restarting.

If your vehicle is moving, an Advisor can keep police updated on its location. Once police have a visual, the Advisor can activate emergency flashers to help law enforcement verify it’s the correct vehicle. After confirmation, a Stolen Vehicle Slowdown signal is initiated by the Advisor, to gradually slow your vehicle to an idle speed.

Once your vehicle is recovered, the Advisor or police will contact you and let you know when and where you can retrieve your vehicle.


• Call 1.888.4ONSTAR (1.888.466.7827) to report a stolen vehicle

• You must file a police report before an OnStar Advisor can provide Stolen Vehicle Assistance

• Wait for an Advisor or the authorities to contact you with an update

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  • This guy bought his girlfriend a car then they split up 8 years ago. The car never been in his. She had it since then and legally been in her name. She could not drive anymore and that was two years ago. I needed a car. She sold it to me. He ex stole it from me when he found out she was in the old folks home. I got it back in 46min after l reported it stolen. I have paperworks to it. It’s my car legally. Tonight he sent a girl to stop me to tell me he’s the onstar owner that was installed in my car to track where ever l go. And he said it’s legally his car even thou he never been on the pink slip. Dmv said it’s mine. How do l get this onstar off my car?

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