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Why does the OnStar Guardian app need access to my Microphone, Location and Notifications?

Why does the OnStar Guardian app need access to my Microphone, Motion and Fitness, Location and Notifications for Apple users and Location Services, Microphone, and Call Management for Android users?

The app provides a smartphone-based Mobile Crash Response service when a crash is detected. In order for an OnStar Emergency-Certified Advisor to properly assist, you will need to allow certain app and device permissions, including allowing access to the following features:

  • Location: These permissions must always be enabled because your smartphone’s location is used to determine when you begin driving and when a crash is detected. Location permissions allow an OnStar Advisor to identify your smartphone’s location and contact First Responders for help, even if you can’t ask for it.
  • Microphone: Once a crash is detected and the app successfully calls an OnStar Advisor, the Microphone permissions allow you to speak to the Advisor, who can contact First Responders to get the help you need. The app is not using the microphone for any other purpose and is not “listening” at all times.
  • Motion and Fitness/Physical Activity: These permissions allow the Guardian app to utilize your smartphone’s sensors to help detect a crash.
  • Notifications: These permissions allow you to receive important app alerts and updates (Apple only).
  • Call Management: These permissions allow you to answer an incoming call without the connected OnStar Guardian app call ending (Android only).
  • Background App Refresh: This will ensure that the app will run in the background to detect a drive and crash event.